My Yesterdays

We all have our own road, our own pathways to follow, pathways that lead us from our past to our present, from our yesterdays into our tomorrows. May every step you take be guided by grace, may all your journeys be amazing adventure and may you never forget your yesterdays. ( Photo by: Sweet Melissa)

Thursday, July 22, 2010


At the edge of the garden where the fence gives way,
I sit and I ponder as the cricket songs play.
I listen intently to the night birds that sing
and I wonder what romance the summer must bring.

The soft breath of June brings life to all roses,
and the jasmine that blooms, till Autumn imposes.
The fireflies dance like extensions of the sky,
and the stars play along as they race right on by.

The trickling sound on white window panes,
bring first of so many real good summer rains,
and whispering winds that blow through the trees,
carry smells of fresh linen hung out in the breeze.

The long blades of grass that tickle my feet,
bare way to the passing of summertime heat.
and the distant laughter of children at play
bring back so many memories of my yesterdays..

But,nothing can stay the same I do fear
and sooner than later Fall will appear.
all but an image left in my mind
of love and romance
and sweet summertime.

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