My Yesterdays

We all have our own road, our own pathways to follow, pathways that lead us from our past to our present, from our yesterdays into our tomorrows. May every step you take be guided by grace, may all your journeys be amazing adventure and may you never forget your yesterdays. ( Photo by: Sweet Melissa)

Friday, February 11, 2011

The ground is covered with the age of winter,
colors of browns and yellows shift in the breeze,

I sit to gaze out from the sill of my window,
at the cold starkness of trees.

The sky is pale with a light bitter blue,
its clouds they are misty and gray,

I close my eyes and dare to dream,
of the warmth of a spring like day.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

I shall not cry,
for my tears they fall
silent around you.

I shall not speak,
for my words they are lost,
like a ship to the sea.

But alone,
to press pen to the
paleness of pages.

My soul,forever
is imprinted for thee.

Thursday, July 22, 2010


At the edge of the garden where the fence gives way,
I sit and I ponder as the cricket songs play.
I listen intently to the night birds that sing
and I wonder what romance the summer must bring.

The soft breath of June brings life to all roses,
and the jasmine that blooms, till Autumn imposes.
The fireflies dance like extensions of the sky,
and the stars play along as they race right on by.

The trickling sound on white window panes,
bring first of so many real good summer rains,
and whispering winds that blow through the trees,
carry smells of fresh linen hung out in the breeze.

The long blades of grass that tickle my feet,
bare way to the passing of summertime heat.
and the distant laughter of children at play
bring back so many memories of my yesterdays..

But,nothing can stay the same I do fear
and sooner than later Fall will appear.
all but an image left in my mind
of love and romance
and sweet summertime.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Skipping Stone

I skip rocks on the stagnant pond.
Tiny cobble stones in my hand,
they ripple the waters of stillness,
waking tiny fish to surface.
It's murky and dark,reflections of near
trees dance in the wake.
I sit to enjoy the quiet,
the waters are still yet again.

Copyright 2009

Summer in the yard

We climbed the tree in the warmth of the sun,
in little summer dresses with pony tailed hair,
laughing and smiling as we played.

Hanging upside down from the small limbs
that could hardly bare weight.
Leaves tickled our noses, bark burned our feet
as we climb up and down its tiny trunk.
Pecan crusher and piles of shells lay on a picnic
table under a group of trees where grandpa cracks
and bags them for later on pie.

Grand-maw spills the salt that she puts in fresh made ice cream.
We climb down, figs squish between the toes on our bare feet
as we run off in play.

Copyright 2009

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My Yesterdays

Where fairies dwell and young lings dance,
where passersby give no second glance,
in the garden of my yesterdays

Where laughter sings and wild dreams grow,
where time stands still to new fallen snow,
in the garden of my yesterdays

Where pathways lead to far off lands,
magical kingdoms and treasure buried deep in sand,
in the garden of my yesterdays

The innocence of childhood so long since passed,
gone to the memories, lost to the dance,
in the garden of my yesterdays.

Oh, how I long for one more day, to play where
song birds sing and long grass sways,
in the garden of my yesterdays.

Copyright 2009

Monday, January 11, 2010

The Alarm

In the dark of night
I could hear it's growl.
I heed the warning,
they sounded the alarm.

A flash of light,then stillness.
Candles burning across the room
as fear trembles inside.

Would daylight come and fade away
the nightmare that draws near, dawn approaches.

A sickness fills my soul
as I sit and wait, cowering
in the flickering light.

The winds outside toss violently around
like banshees in search of their next victim.
I wait,praying with every breath, I wait.

It stops, gone from this place,
I emerge from my safety.
Danger has passed for now.

Copyright 2009