My Yesterdays

We all have our own road, our own pathways to follow, pathways that lead us from our past to our present, from our yesterdays into our tomorrows. May every step you take be guided by grace, may all your journeys be amazing adventure and may you never forget your yesterdays. ( Photo by: Sweet Melissa)

Monday, January 11, 2010

The Alarm

In the dark of night
I could hear it's growl.
I heed the warning,
they sounded the alarm.

A flash of light,then stillness.
Candles burning across the room
as fear trembles inside.

Would daylight come and fade away
the nightmare that draws near, dawn approaches.

A sickness fills my soul
as I sit and wait, cowering
in the flickering light.

The winds outside toss violently around
like banshees in search of their next victim.
I wait,praying with every breath, I wait.

It stops, gone from this place,
I emerge from my safety.
Danger has passed for now.

Copyright 2009

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  1. Very interesting! Is this from a real life experience? Just wondering. I really like it!